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Adnan Khawaja Nohay 2020

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Noha KhuwanAdnan Khawaja(عدنان خواجہ)
Released Year:-Muharrum 1441 / 2019-20
Total Track:-10
Added Date:-Sunday, 1st September 2019
Effort:-Adnan Khawaja
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01Ay Zaireen-e-KarbalaDownload
02Milne Chali He Aaj Sakina SA Hussain AS SeDownload
03Lo Yeh Nishani-e-Shah-e-Duldul Sawar LoDownload
04Kehtin Thin Yeh LailaDownload
05Ya Elahi Ali Asghar AS Mujhe A b Yaad KarainDownload
06Kisi Surat SeDownload
07Azadar Jiyan (Sindhi)Download
08Sakina SA Khak Pe Rukhsaar Rakh Nahi SaktiDownload
09Lash Wekh Ke (Panjabi)Download
10Abbas AS Ki Jageer MainDownload
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